"Come Over and help us"!

Join us on Mackinac Island next summer! We are needed people that have a Missionary, pioneer spirit who are willing to work and serve on our Mission Outpost right here in Michigan. We can help you with your internship, missions calling and/or ministry experience. We need people to work with Young Adults, Youth, Children, Media, Hospitality and we can cater a unique bi-vocational experience for you - we can help you get a position on the island at one of our local businesses in order to obtain housing. Contact us at info@mibc.org if you are interested. We are praying to the LORD of the Harvest to send help - maybe He has you in mind!


We Need Your Help!

Dear Ministry Leader, Missionary, Intern, Ministry-Minded Person,


Mackinac Island Bible Church (MIBC) is searching for a couple individuals who may be seeking a summer opportunity  to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island, Michigan is one of the top destination vacation locations in the nation.  There is a great need on the Island. It is one of the few locations where the mission field comes to you.  MIBC is offering several volunteer Missionary/Internship positions for this summer.


MIBC is one of only four churches on Mackinac Island, and has an evangelical message combined with a desire to reach the lost, with the promise of redemption through Jesus Christ.  For many years, MIBC has been faithfully bringing the gospel message of Jesus Christ to countless Island tourists, workers and residents.  As mentioned, Mackinac Island is a very eloquent Island and one of the top destination vacation locations in America, yet it is not immune to the same human physical and spiritual pains, developments, morality issues and needs of any other 3rd world, urban, or Ivy League community.  The people on this Island will represent many nationalities, economic levels, and spiritual backgrounds.  Our challenge is to relate to the spiritual needs of this multi-cultural community.  The person filling this position will have the direct opportunity and lasting impact to relate to persons on their job, in the Mackinac Island community, and at MIBC activities.


The areas of church ministry and outreach include any combination of: Leading/Participation (Children’s, Teens, Worship arts, Prayer, Bible study), Outreach (Blog or Newsletter Writer, Publicity, Outreach ministry in the community), Hospitality (Greeting visitors & guests, Confirm & assist guest families, and Follow ups), or Care (Interaction with Island workers).


We will be glad to further explain any one of these ministries in more detail as you desire.


Each Missionary/Intern will work under the direction of Ken Straight, Pastor.  MIBC will work out logistics and avenues for support.  Required documentation and credentialing the Missionary/Intern hours of ministry will be submitted by MIBC.  The church will help assimilate each Missionary/Intern into the Mackinac Island culture, and MIBC will remain in continual contact with the Missionary/Intern home church.


Contact Pastor Ken Straight  info@MIBC.org  906-847-0217



Mackinac Island Bible Church


Reaching Island Workers:

So many workers here from all over the world. They are so far from home and miss so much from being here. The Mackinac Island Bible Church opens the back door of our Main Street House (our "Friend Door") to island workers every Friday Night from 9:00pm until Midnight, offering a full meal with all the trimmings! One season we counted over 30 nations coming in to have a wholesome place to eat for free, sit on a couch or floor even and enjoy something other than a bar or party!

Could you come and volunteer your time, effort and love to minister to so many that come our way? You don't have to  preach a message or know a lot of Bible verses, just love and serve others. COME AND HELP US!

Growing in Christ

So many island workers need to feed their spiritual bodies with spiritual food as well as their natural bodies with natural food! One profound and lasting way we do this is through our "POP-UP Church" weekly schedule. Sunday Nights we reserve for meeting the spiritual needs of island workers. Fellowship with other believers, spiritual growth emphasis, along with a place and time to ask questions and lean on the strength of others in our spiritual journey while on Mackinac Island is so very vital. It can be a life-changing season for you if you'll just be willing!

COME HELP US if you are someone who wants to be a leader ministering to these wonderful lives! Maybe you don't have all the ministry skills. Do you love people? Do you want to volunteer that love and change yours  and someone else's life forever? Contact us at info@mibc.org

Want to come serve God and people here?

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