... keep the fire burning

Small groups help us keep the fire of God burning within us. 

Check out these Weekly POP-UPS on the bottom of each page!


Reaching out to others with the message of Jesus Christ is very important to the Mackinac Island Bible Church because God's Word tells us to "go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in..." (Luke 14:23). Some outreaches are planned months and even years in advance, but some "Pop-Up" suddenly and as needed! We have Adult Children, Youth and every kind of outreach to reach any person - young and old. We want to get the message of our loving Father out to people. Keep your eyes open for one of our Services or Events  to Pop-Up! The Bottom of each page shows you What/When/Where...

"A closer walk with Jesus"

Workers are beginning to gather together on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00pm at Mission Point STRAITS LODGE for a time of Fellowship, Worship, Teaching and Prayer. Join Robert Patino for this weekly time of encouragement and growth - it's too long of a season to not participate! MEET at the EAST END of STRAIT LODGE under the GREEN CANOPY BY 8:00pm for an escort to this great time in the LORD. Christians, you need this in these challenging days!