plant Seed Into A Rich Harvest

The ministries of the Mackinac Island Bible Church are good soil to produce a good crop. Though foreign missions are a great place to give your gifts, MIBC is so unique. The nations come to us! Up to 30 nations come and work during our tourist season along with those from our own towns and villages. BUT, we also MUST REACH our American workers as well! MIBC is here to reach all and we need your help. Mackinac Island is a prosperous island and many believe we operate that way as well, but we are dependent on the Tithes and offerings of a very few and minister the spiritual and even physical needs to hundreds that we will never retain. MIBC would be so blessed to receive your gift!

Would you like to partner with us? You can do that using the button below with your debit or credit card. Or,  simply Text: (906) 914-4041 to GIVE and it will direct you to enter your card information. We have a small number of partners from off our island that give monthly into this year-round mission. In the summer we minister  to many from all over the world. In the winter, we touch the local community and keep a vital and historic "Footprint of the Gospel" on Mackinac Island.  Our challenges are great and our laborers are few.  Will you help us stay on Mackinac Island?