bible fellowship 

@ MIBC House (6688 Main) 


*** NO SERVICES 3/19 & 3/26


Watch & Discuss "The CHOSEN"


2722 Cadotte 

(across from General Store) 

Community is a part of life that we ALL need. If you are working on Mackinac Island or reside here, you need an encouraging group of people that will steer you the right way! We are not meant to be alone and you may be at a "CROSSROADS" in your life here on Mackinac Island. We are here to help you and build your life up, giving you hope and a future. Come and meet some really incredible friendly and grounded people to help you on your journey!

Ministering to the Lost

Strengthening the weak

Encouraging the strong

"REFRESH SERVICE   ****DONE for 2022!

MIBC HOUSE  (6688 Main St)

Starting WEDNESDAY, MAY 11th at 7:00pm will be our 1st "REFRESH SERVICE! 

This Service is a time to Unwind in GOD'S PRESENCE and be Refreshed and Rejuvenated Spiritually, Emotionally and even Physically! 

We will be encouraged with WORSHIP, the WORD of GOD, PRAYER and then there may be some weeks we do something to

REFRESH SOMEONE ELSE - we don't want to keep all to ourselves. Join us for our 1st meeting, 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11th, 7:00pm at the MIBC HOUSE!

Jesus Christ Is Still LORD!!!

Jesus Christ - the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) is our focus at the Mackinac Island Bible Church.  We believe fully in His powerful name in our worship, prayer, outreaches and preaching because He is the ONLY way to Father God. We make a big deal about Jesus! We have the promise that if we lift Him up, "all men will be drawn to Him (John 12:32)." We are unashamed of the Bible, the Word of God because we believe that our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is personal and changes the way we think and live, even when culture changes. If working or visiting, you may have come for a different reason, but we desire that you will leave having had a personal encounter with our Amazing God! 

The Mackinac Island Bible Church is called here to  "Minister to the Lost, Strengthen the Weak, and Encourage the Strong"  for such a time as this on the "Crown Jewel of Michigan" - Mackinac Island!

Our Faith Is Real

We are real people with real faith, committed to the common vision of seeing the Gospel of Jesus reach the residents, workers and visitors to beautiful Mackinac Island. We don't water-down the Word of God, but we come as we are to the Father through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. His death, burial and resurrection is very real to us as we approach Him and our community with humility and confidence in His finished work. We believe that as we are broken and contrite in spirit, He can and will transform our lives into something beautiful for His glory! Come as you to our gatherings as we focus on Worship and an attention to God's Living Word. Feel free to email us at