LiVE sunday services are back...

at the Historic and Beautiful...

Mission point Resort theater


This isn't our church, but... Starting SUNDAY, July 12th @ 8:00 PM We are:

 "a house of prayer for all nations!"

Jesus restated Isaiah 56:7 in the Gospels when He said, "...My house shall be called a House of Prayer for all Nations..." You could say that we take this literally as our MIBC House becomes our "House of Prayer" on Sunday Nights. We will worship and pray here beginning at 8:00pm. Boy, do we need to prayer! God's clarion call has never changed, but we the Church MUST pray. Also, we will be adding Evangelism to the night as the Early Church was "filled with the Holy Spirit" and then went out! 

We will be praying, interceding, worshiping and crying out to God, our Help. We will also be trained in reaching the lost and being witnesses to our world around us. Come join us to touch nations!

SEE SCHEDULE @ Bottom of each page!

Click  "Newsletter" above and read our 2020 newsletter, THE GOOD REPORT, an annual Pre-Season update. Click here to read, MIBC REar-VIEW a Post-Season report of our 2019 Season. You will receive teaching from Pastor Ken Straight along with other useful news about the ministry here on Mackinac Island.  Enjoy!

We received a challenge this off-season by a message we heard at an MIBC Sunday Night Fellowship stating that American Christians did not know the Word of God like even "nominal" people did during our American Revolution, because the Word of God was ingrained in our country's fiber. Our worship leader, Brian Thomas, took this challenge to a different level by putting together a One-Year reading plan - the MIBC BIBLE CHALLENGE! This a one-year plan that gives you flexibility in the number of chapters you read, but keeps the Scriptures in order. Whatever month you read this, take a look at the MIBC BIBLE CHALLENGE and choose the books to read along with us! We have been so blessed already, take the MIBC BIBLE CHALLENGE with us!

Weekly Events & "Pop-Ups"

The Mackinac Island Bible Church is busy with it's weekly meetings that minister to all of us Spirit, Soul and Body. We have been faithfully working here year in and year out with a new "crop" of people to minister to each season. If you are here for one of our Weekly meetings or  "POP-UPS" maybe look for one of our signs like one to the right - they may POP-UP anywhere! (Go to the "NEWS" page on to see what is POPPING-UP at MIBC.