... keep the fire burning

Small groups help us keep the fire of God burning within us. Check out these Weekly POP-UPS!


This is our LADIES MEETING at the Lucky Bean Coffeehouse on Market Street. Lori Straight uses her God-given and anointed teaching gift to bring ladies around God's awesome bread of life. This is "sustainable spiritual nutrition" right from heaven.  Every and any lady is more than welcome! THURSDAYS 8:30-9:30am @ LUCKY BEAN COFFEEHOUSE on Market St. 


Christian Men are rising up and taking leadership in their families and homes... and MUST for Christ and what He teaches us!  Our Men's Bible Study  will be meeting mornings on Wednesdays at ICE HOUSE at Island House Hotel at 8:00 am. Men, young and old, do you need to be built up and encouraged for your week? This is the time for us men to take courage & be en-couraged in the LORD!


Reaching out to others with the message of Jesus Christ is very important to the Mackinac Island Bible Church. Some outreaches are planned months and even years in advance, but some Pop-Up pretty suddenly .... and as needed! We have Children's, Youth and for Everyone kind of outreaches each season. Some planned way ahead - some planned weeks and days ahead. We want to get the message of our loving God out to people. Keep your eyes open for one of our OUTREACH Pop-Ups!