(10:30am Service at MIBC Office not held during March)

Sunday services for the month of march will be held only at 7:00pm

@ 2722 Cadotte Ave. call 906-847-0319 for directions and info

November - April   "HOUSE CHURCH"

At the beginning of the Church, after Jesus' Resurrection, the Church was meeting "house to house" and shared in all things. The Mackinac Island Bible Church does just that during our off-tourist months from November thru April. More than a couple dozen of local believers gather to fellowship, worship and dig deep into the things of God with each other. Sharing and ministry among the Church is how the "new" Church started and flourished - MIBC is following that model and God is Good! Come join us for an experience that many, many (including visitors and guests)  find spiritually uplifting, beneficial and lovely time. 



VIDEO STUDY - 7:00pm

MIBC gathers on Sunday Nights for a "family style" Bible Study using pertinent and anointed Video topics that help us be the Church. We meet at the Greenlee Home in the "Village" at 7:00pm. Call for directions- we would love to have you grow with us. 



Back by popular demand, "MEN of COURAGE" which met during our winter months on Mackinac Island, has been meeting all season. Join us for timely topics and issues that we as men face as Christians in a culture that has turned upside down!  We will look at  what the Bible says concerning these things and learn to see things through the "lens" of Scripture and the mind of God rather than seeing the Bible through a "societal or cultural lens." If you desire to rise up as a Christian Man of Courage, come join us!!

Men meet at 7:00pm on Thursday Nights at the homes of some of our men. Call 906-847-0217 for this weeks' location


WORSHIP @ the Beautiful


Although we meet all year, the historic  Mission Point Theater is our home on SUNDAY at 9:30am!

We'll start with beautiful worship that appeals to all ages and streams from local resident and professional musician, Brian Thomas! Then a timely message from Pastor Ken Straight or a wonderful guest minister. We always end with a time to allow us to pray for you.     ALL are welcome to worship with us!



Why is our Sunday Night Fellowship called "Crossroads?" We have found in our 25 years of doing ministry here, that many people are at an "intersection" or "Cross -roads" point in their lives. We realize that this is the place where God often meets us where we are! We need friends and fellow believers to join with us when we are in this crucial time of our lives. 

CROSSROADS meets Sundays at 8:00pm usually at the MIBC HOUSE (6688 Main) - until Mid-October, but sometimes we mix it up and "Pop UP" in different spots some Sunday nights! Workers and residents love this time of fellowship around discussion, prayer and the Word of God. Every month we have world-class teachers, missionaries and musicians that bless us with their stories and what God is doing around the world. This is a tremendous time for all of us to grow in the LORD, be accountable to one another, pray for one another and help each other grow in God's grace and love. If you are coming to Mackinac Island to work - you need this and you are welcome anytime. If you already here, come along for the ride too!




This is our LADIES MEETING at the Lucky Bean Coffeehouse on Market Street. Lori Straight uses her God-given and anointed teaching gift to bring ladies around God's awesome bread of life. This is "sustainable spiritual nutrition" right from heaven.  Every and any lady is more than welcome! THURSDAYS 8:30-9:30am @ LUCKY BEAN COFFEEHOUSE on Market St. 



EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 9:00-Midnight

There are few places for island workers to be on a Friday Night. Our solution? Let's open the MIBC Office/House at 6688 Main and provide a hot meal with all the trimmings!  There is no agenda with our Coffee House, just to bless island workers with a wholesome place to be, some wholesome food to eat and wholesome good clean fun and conversation. A clean place to be, sit, enjoy and a detour from the local bar-scene and crowded housing. Did we mention, THIS IS ALL FREE - just come! Oh,just so you know, it's called "Coffee House" but not much coffee served - the name just stuck!

Weekly POP-UPS?

Many of us have been in cities that have "Pop-up" restaurants, stores and boutiques. These places "show up" somewhere in town, usually unusually from your normal places of business. Mostly these have a scaled down, simple approach to what they are serving. The Mackinac Island Bible Church has weekly ministry that is much the same way! Every week we have offerings of Spiritual Food, Prayer, Outreach or Praise Food and even Food that feeds the Body, not just the soul, mind and spirit. We are calling these our "Weekly POP-UPS!" Most of the time these happen at the MIBC Office/House, but often we meet for a cookout up on top of the island, Bible Study under a tree at Marquette Park, in a housing unit or down by the water. These are weekly POP-UPS that show up in our schedules that we actually grow to love as much as anything normal. Our Weekly 'POP-UPS" schedule appears at the bottom of each web page on this site. If you are on Mackinac Island, pop-in to one of our POP-UPS!